Deasil & Widdershins.A full-service Communications Consultancy.

About us

With over fifteen years of experience, Deasil & Widdershins provides consulting services that provide ideas, insights, and proven methods in executive communications, internal communications, internal marketing, and communications design.

Deasil & Widdershins believes that in every challenge there is an opportunity to earn trust and show accountability. We help our clients put themselves into the story; organize and succeed as a team; and improve though sharing content and best practices.

Most communications consultants typically rely on just one aspect of communication expertise: writing skills & content creation, creative design, or technology delivery mechanism (HTML, PowerPoint, etc.). Deasil & Widdershins combines all three.

Our solutions


  • New and innovative ways of marketing value both inside and outside an organization.
  • Internal and external communication plans and tools for heightened visibility, accountability, and trust.
  • Implementation of best practices that promote a unified, harmonious style and approach.
  • Strengthening and safeguarding of your brand while still maintaining a creative edge.


Presentations 100%
Copy Writing 100%
Email Templates 100%
Newsletters 100%
Video Development 65%
Script Writing 90%
Web Sites 90%
Event Management 85%
Project Management 80%
Change Management 70%
Knowledge Management 75%
Social Media 65%

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